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Nov. 5th, 2008 01:42 am
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Protect us from our saviors.

This is the first election I have voted in (I’ve only missed 2 local elections in the last 20 years... Hey, they have them every few months it seems and I was out of town!) that I did not feel good about once I finished voting. I even felt unclean. There was only one individual on the entire ballot whom I thought was worthy of the job he was running for (a Texas congressman no ones heard of). The rest??? Any way we voted, we're screwed.

McCain is basically "Four more years!" Obama is "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

I'm not going to go on and on why each man isn't right for the job. I'm going to focus on my hopes for who won.

I REALLY hope his promise to tax the rich (those making 150-250k or more a year, depending on which speech you listened to) was an empty promise. Those are the guys who employ the rest of us and will just keep their profit margins up by firing us!

I hope he balances the budget and doesn't add all the new spending he promised. While I like the idea of lower taxes for myself (low end of wage earners, guys), I don't really pay much. I'll happily keep paying my current tax rate to accomplish financial solvency.

I hope he doesn't throw away Iraq. I know lot's of people in the armed services. They have told me of the wonderful changes over there. A good friend of mine, exiled in the Sadam years was able to see his family for the first time in over a decade because of what we did over there.

But our accomplishments are tenuous. They could collapse if we leave before Iraq's forces are able to fend for themselves. We might have to go over there AGAIN to throw Iran out of Iraq like we threw Iraq out of Kuwait. That just means MORE dead soldiers. We might have gone over there for the wrong reasons, but we stayed for the right ones. If we leave immediately, it was all for naught.

I hope he meant what he said about Afghanistan. Same reasons as above.

I hope he learns the difference between the Federal Governments responsibilities, State Governments responsibilities, Local Governments responsibilities and our Personal responsibilities. Maybe someone should send him a copy of the Constitution?

I hope he condemns the actions of numerous political extremist groups in this election. For example, the Black Panthers who were sitting outside of polling locations with batons in hand (the fighting kind, not the twirling kind), intimidating anyone who entered who were McCain supporters. Or maybe those ACORN yahoos (read Gulliver’s Travels for the definition of this… It doesn’t mean users of a specific search engine) who registered the entire starting line up of the Dallas Cowboy’s (American Football team for the unaware) in Nevada… Um, they are a Texas team, and while not all of them are residents of Texas, none of them have residences in Nevada.

I truly hope that when (not if, but when) he is tested in an upcoming crisis, he has the mettle to deal with it. While invading other countries is an extreme reaction to a terrorist attack (9/11), shaking a finger at a camera and bombing a few long abandoned, former terrorist training camps (World Trade Center bombing, 1993) is a pointless reaction. I hope he finds a middle ground when it happens in his presidency.

I hope he is everything he claims to be. I wish him (and all of us) well in his presidency.


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