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When I first heard about a live-action Iron Man movie in the works, I have to say I was highly skeptical. As a comic book fan, I have been disappointed over and over on the retelling of origins in movie adaptations. Don’t get me wrong! With one or two exceptions, I have thought that the recent string of Super Movies in the past decade have been fantastic. I have just been disappointed in the way Hollywood has discarded a wealth of story arcs, characters development and back-story in search of the almighty dollar.
My fear over how well they would adapt the Iron Avenger started with the animated flick released a couple of years ago to DVD. While it was a well done story and had decent animation, they completely threw out Tony Stark’s personality, motivations and demeanor. The names were the same, but the story was changed to protect the innocent. Would they do the same to the live-action?
I was really afraid when I heard they signed Robert Downey Jr. to the lead roll. Hadn’t he been fired from numerous past rolls for (in no particular order) being late to set, not showing up to set, attitude while on set, showing up drunk to set, showing up high to set, etc.? Would he even make it to the end of production? Then, I thought “Well, he has the part of a millionaire playboy down pat. He’s kind of perfect for the roll… If he can stay clean long enough to do it!”
Then came the rumors. They had to change the origin a bit. I mean, Vietnam ended over 30 years ago. Conveniently for the writers, the US can’t stay out of other countries for too long, so they had Afghanistan to work with. At least it wasn’t Iraq. While yet another terrorist based story didn’t thrill me, I could see the need for the change.
Previews. Blast! They looked really good! How dare Hollywood give me hope that this could be a decent flick! Let me go in with low expectations and I might enjoy the movie, even if it’s sub-par. But hope? Yeah, the previews were really good. Would the movie disappoint?
Finally, I saw the movie. In a word? WOW! I loved it as a story. I loved it as an action flick. I even loved it as a comic geek! This is by far the most faithful recreation to date. And what ever you do, stay through the credits!
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